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Steel Structure Mezzanine Floor

Suntech Storage System specialises in Steel Structural Mezzanine floors in Malaysia. Depending on your client’s needs, we provide a variety of options. Our innovative design and installation services have established us as the leading name in low-cost mezzanine flooring solutions. Our Steel structure mezzanine floor Malaysia’s installation may be the best option for gaining additional space in your warehouse or industrial storage room, allowing you to expand your storage efficiently.

Increase Floor Space

By doubling the surface area, mezzanine floors maximise the use of a building’s full working height. It raises the size of existing structures.

Highly Customizable

The steel structure mezzanine floor can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements, with a wide range of sizes and floor types.

Product Versatility

Apart from being used as floors, mezzanine floors can also be used as storage, fabrication, packing, and offices, among other things.

Mezzanine Floor 8

Expand Storage Space

Facilities frequently need more storage space, especially when racking systems do not fit their needs. This is where the warehouse mezzanine comes in handy. It provides complete storage flexibility by allowing shelving, block-stacking, and long-span combinations. Furthermore, mezzanine floors can be an excellent choice for meeting rooms, modern offices, and board rooms. When glass partitioning is used, its presence can be enhanced even more. Pallet gates will be used to ensure the safe movement of items between the two levels. This also takes care of high-level operators, preventing accidents.

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