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Our Selective Racking System Malaysia

The most commonly used pallet racking system is selective racking system in Malaysia. These systems are referred to as “selective” because they permit users to choose any pallet load from the pallet racking system Malaysia without needing to move any other pallets.

Easily Adjustable

Distribution requirements, SKU types, and slotting requirements all change frequently, and the selective racking system in Malaysia allows you to adapt to market changes and product demand. As the market grows and more pallet racking is required, the ease of adjustability and full selectivity.

Warehouse Customisation

Pallet racking system allows for quick and easy inventory access. Warehouse clutter is reduced when organised efficiently, making navigating and completing tasks easier. Our racking systems have high customisable scalability and they can be integrate well with a warehouse’s infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Compared to other pallet racking systems, the selective rack is the most common type of structural pallet racking and has the lowest upfront cost per pallet position. Due to its low upfront costs, selective racking is ideal for a wide range of warehouse operations and throughput applications.

Selective Pallet Racking System 12

How Does It Work?

Our pallet racking system Malaysia is an adaptable and versatile industrial racking system ideal for warehouses with fixed and variable storage requirements. Connectors hold our horizontal load beams in place, and the pallets rest on these beams. These beam levels can be easily adjusted to accommodate various load and pallet sizes.

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