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Rack Supported Platform

Rack supported platform in Malaysia, is a type of multitier system or mezzanine platform, takes full advantage of the height of the premises, doubling or tripling the surface area and allowing it to be configured as a storage area, changing room, or office, among other things. rack-supported platforms, such as long-span supported and selective pallet-supported platforms, are now widely used in the market, with the structure supported by a complete racking system for storage. this design allows for full storage utilisation of both the ground floor and higher levels, effectively increasing storage capacity in the same space.

Optimise Warehouse Space

When you opt for this racking system, you can save room in your warehouse. You will be able to maximize your storage area and create new spaces in cramp areas.

Reasonably priced

Platform racking systems eliminate the need for additional space investments, making them one of the most cost-effective ways to increase storage capacity in a small space.

Configuration Flexibility

The rack supported platform Malaysia can be expanded and adjusted vertically and horizontally. Hence, making it easy to install and dismantle as you need.

Rack Support Platform 5

Designed For Your Needs

The platform racking system is a storage facility for heavy-duty applications. A structural staircase that provides safe and effective handling includes access to additional tiers. Our products are highly adaptable and can be designed to support an open mezzanine floor or as a multitiered platform with walkways supported by the rack itself. Based on your specifications, we will create and install our upright and beam profiles, rails, floor decking, stairs, and handrails.

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