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racking system malaysia

Professional Storage Design

The installation is executed by our skilled in-house installers specially trained for the job, guaranteeing a fast and efficient assembly of your storage installation.


Racking systems are essential for materials handling in warehouse. We offer the ultimate flexibility in regard to vertical storage, load capacity, and space-savings and money-savings.

racking system malaysia

Relocate Racking System / Dismantle & Reinstall

If you’ve outgrown your warehouse or are moving the base of your material handling operations across town or across the country, deciding what to do with your racking system can pose a challenge. The custom racking system in your current location was a major investment for your company, so you don’t simply want to leave it behind, but what are your options for relocating or reselling it?


With our Racking System Removal and Relocation Services, Suntech Storage System can help you determine the best option for your company, develop a relocation or removal plan, and then ensure that it is executed without a hitch.