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We Have More Than 20+ Years Practical Experience

Suntech Storage Solution accumulated more than 25 years practical experience in warehouse racking. As we have clients from all sectors and have provided many solutions to make the business more efficient. We are providing a from top-to-toe service that ranges from generation of ideas to analysis, implementation, and installation. It is with this full solution services that we have managed to be successful in our nature of business.

  • 25 years experience on storage racking system industry
  • Provide professional design
  • We have own 25 – 30 installer to service our customer
  • After sale service
  • Cost effective (design the best solution to our customer)



A team of professionals, complete with a series of equipments to support our customers in projects.

*From the conception stage, the design, material process to final installation*

Quality Assurance


Test is performed on the products against stringent specification in order to assure the durability of the products.



Providing creative and innovative products that fit exactly into our customer needs and applications.

*If you have questions, please send an enquiry at contact us. Professional advisement and suggestion will be provided.*

*Check us out more on our products at our products.*